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Writing Guidelines for Go Everywhere

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Go Everywhere.  Go Everywhere is an online magazine focused on encouraging digital natives to become educated advocates.  We believe that there are pressing issues facing our globe that deserve honest assessment and understanding. Our goal is to elevate the discussion of timely issues with insightful articles and ideas. We encourage all of our contributors to look over our previously written articles prior to submission.

Each month we will highlight a different pressing issue to further the discussion.

Article Guidelines

Articles should be 500 – 1500 words

Provide a unique, creative, and relevant view of a current issue

Well written, credible, and easily digested by readers (For our audience, readability is key. Try to write at a high school reading level.  Hemingway is a nice tool for assessing overall reading level.)

We will proof read all articles, but grammarly is a nice solution to double check for grammar errors before sending.



Email a word doc of your final draft to hello@goeverywhere.online with all appropriate text already hyperlinked.

Include your author byline with photo


Author Guidelines

Please provide a 2 – 3 sentence author byline, and headshot.  We can hyperlink to your website or social media channels if you want.

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Partnering Organizations

We seek to partner with organizations actively working within fields related to our monthly issues.  We directly connect all email subscribers with these organizations.  If you or anyone you  know anyone is working to end an injustice, let us become your advocate.