Hannah Aaron

Hannah: I am Hannah Aaron and I am a Dallas artist. I own my own painting company and I am a student at UTD, majoring in drawing and painting. I work out of my home and our school studio.

Lindsey: What kind of paintings do you do?

Hannah: I strive to create life-giving art that is not stereotypical or cliché. My whole heart is to make something that’s visually captivating and engages your heart at the same time. My style would be considered surrealism because there’s this mix of a dream-like world and reality. I usually will paint people’s dreams or callings and I’ll see their potential and want to put it on canvas. It’s almost like God is calling them forward into their future. It’s prophetic in a non-Christian way, it’s not crosses and things you would normally see. I want to be able to appeal to the world and still have the message of the Kingdom.

L: When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Hannah: Well, the first thing that I wanted to be was an astronaut. I thought space was awesome and I thought, “I’m gonna study as hard as I can and I’m going to do this!” That’s before I learned they don’t really send people up to space anymore. Then, I wanted to be a private investigator or a detective because I’m really sneaky and I’m really observant! Later on in life, I decided, “okay I’m really good at art, I’m going to be a cartoonist and open up my own cartoon shop!”

L: If you could give your teenage self a piece of advice what would it be?

Hannah: I would say, seek Jesus because fashion, friends, and popularity will fail you. Everything in this world will let you down but God will never let you down, despite your circumstances. It’s been amazing to see what God has done in my life. Before I gave my life to the Lord I was in the party scene and doing drugs. I wanted to be known as that crazy artist girl that does crazy things. I was in a lot of pain and I tried to numb it through drugs. It never satisfied. I was always seeking for the next thing to numb my heart. When I knew the love of God for the first time, I was just a mess. My friend invited me to this little small church, and there was like 7 people in this church. I had just gotten into some really big trouble and had lost all my friends in the process. They were going to send me to rehab in Colorado and I had lost everything. I realized that no one actually really loved me like I thought they did. When I finally realized God’s love, it was at this really small church and they were playing that song, “Oh How He Loves.” They were singing it, and I remember the words hitting my heart, and I fell to the ground and started sobbing. I really understood the weight of how much God loves me, despite my horrible mistakes. He loves me at the lowest of the low.

I had seen him wooing me and I had seen His hand in my life before. A couple months before I gave my life to the Lord, my friends and I were in the car and we were driving to go get drugs. My friend decided that she wanted to see how the car could withstand hydroplaning, and we ended up hydroplaning and rolled two times into a ditch. We landed right side up. The whole car was smushed like a pancake, but my side of the car was six inches away from my face. No one had a scratch, but we were covered in mud. We realized it was God who saved us. There are moments like that where I realize I should have died. I knew that there was a God at that point, but I didn’t know where He was or if He really cared about me. Whenever I really messed up and got in a lot of trouble, that’s when I realized the gravity of how much he loved me.

Everything is meaningless until you have God and know his love. Through His love, that’s where you thrive.

I would encourage young girls that they don’t have to find themselves through guys and they can be happy satisfied in the Lord without needing anybody. Through God’s love, you can actually love people.

L: What inspires you?

H: First and foremost, God inspires me to do everything, but as far as creatively….a lot of EDM music inspires me. I like to listen to fun electronic music in order to get in the mood to paint. I really appreciate smart people who make awesome music. Also, reading the word, I don’t have the Message translation, but I’ll look it up every once in a while and reading Psalms through the Message version gives me a ton of ideas for painting. Those three things give me the most creativity.

L: How would you utilize 1,000,000?

H: A couple years ago I would say I’d give it all away, but now I’d probably give a lot of it away to different people, but I’d probably use it for investments. My husband is the money guy. Knowing the decisions we’ve made together, I’d say we’d give away a good chunk of it, and the rest we’d invest in my business, or a house, or new car or something. We’d probably give a lot of it away.

L: How has your spiritual life affected your life’s work?

H: It drives everything. Every decision I make, even at school, I do it with an eternal perspective. I’m realizing if I’m not living it, people won’t believe me. So, my spiritual life drives everything I do.

L: What’s the one thing you want to be remembered for?

H: I would want to be remembered as somebody who loves, and who is a normal person, but can display the love and boldness and power of God. Most importantly I want to be known for loving well. That’s my desire.


Lindsey Adams

Lindsey Adams

Editor, Go Everywhere

Lindsey Adams is a recent graduate of Dallas Baptist University. She is a music enthusiast, advocate of the local food movement, and passionate about pursuing the Love of Christ.

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