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How to Get Involved

Focus: Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnerships

What makes them unique? A21 offers creative ways to fundraise for awareness of human trafficking.

Source: A21
all worthy of love
How to Get Involved

Focus: Awareness, Rescue, Restoration

What makes them unique? All Worthy of Love has a street outreach ministry which includes handing out hygiene kits, meals, developing relationships, and praying over those who are entrapped in prostitution.

Source: All Worthy of Love
international justice mission
How to Get Involved

Focus: Rescue, Strengthen Justice System, Restoration, and Criminal Justice

What makes them unique? International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global outreach company, and one of the largest well known organizations fighting against modern day slavery.

Source: IJM
How to Get Involved

Focus: Care, Prevention, Education, and Training

What makes them unique? Love146 teaches the Not a #number curriculum which shows youth how to equip themselves against trafficking.

Source: Love146
made in a free world
How to Get Involved
Made in a free world

Focus: Build, Awareness, Advocate

What makes them unique? Made in a Free World helps users recognize their slavery footprint,and become an advocate to disrupt the flow of big business exploitation. You can also check your own slavery footprint.

Source: Made in A Free World
not abandoned
How to Get Involved
Not Abandoned

Focus: Specifically focuses on ending sex slavery

What makes us unique? Not Abandoned has a 2 week intensive outreach, called Redlight. This includes training, equipping, and ministering to the girls on the streets in the Red light district of Thailand.

Source: Not Abandoned
not for sale
How to Get Involved
Not For Sale

Focus: Provide, Empower, Sustain

What makes us unique? Not For Sale provides at-risk communities with the appropriate tools to break the cycle. This includes both emotional and physical needs.

Source: Not For Sale
prayer for freedom
How to Get Involved
Prayer For Freedom

Focus: Prayer, Advocacy, Outreach

What makes them unique? Prayer For Freedom believes in the power of prayer.

Source: Prayer For Freedom
pure hope
How to Get Involved
Pure Hope

Focus: Creating purity in culture

What makes them unique? Pure Hope uses resources and tools to equip and educate the community about purity.

Source: Pure Hope
rescue freedom
How to Get Involved

Focus: Rescue and Restoration

What makes them unique? Rescue:Freedom works with local partners to provide resources and tools to those who are already advocating sexual freedom

Source: Rescue:Freedom
rescue her
How to Get Involved
Rescue Her

Focus: Education, Prevention, Aftercare

What makes them unique? Rescue Her combats trafficking by doing motel outreach and opening safe-homes.

Source: Rescue Her
How to Get Involved

Focus: Prevention, Rescue, and Restoration

What makes us unique? Traffick911 teaches youth how to be aware of the signs of human traffickers, especially online.

Source: Traffick911

12 Organizations To Get Involved With

There are a ton of great organizations out there working to raise awareness, create prevention programs, education programs, and even aid in the rescue and restoration of men, women, and children that have been enslaved by human trafficking.

You may be asking yourself, how do I get involved? How can I use my voice to speak against injustice? What’s the next step? How can I use my passions and talents to make a difference?

These organizations are just the tip of the iceberg, and are by no means a conclusive list. Here are a list of 12 organizations focusing on making a difference in the world of human trafficking

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