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Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Bautista. I’m 27. I was born and raised in Southern California and I moved to Dallas, TX, a year and a half ago. Beauty Speaks is a business and movement of creatives that empower women in their voices, worth, and what they carry. If you want a breakdown of what that means, their voices represent their stories and their message. I really believe in the power of a woman’s voice and the impact it can bring to our generation. I really believe that their voices are integral to bring change and hope to their local communities and the world. 

When I say worth, I am talking about the raw and unadulterated identity of a woman. We are tackling the issue of, “am I enough?” One too many times, I see women question their worth when they clearly have so much to offer to the world just by being them. Here’s the reality: we will never be “enough” in a world of perfectionism, self-hate, and relational dysfunction, but we can be enough for ourselves and believe in ourselves so much that others start to discover the worth that is inside of them.

When I say carry, I am talking about the dreams and passions of a woman; whatever brings her to life. It could be a business woman, motherhood, dancer, or doctor. If you work a 9 to 5 or if you are a creative, what you carry is important.

If you realize what you carry is powerful, valuable, significant, beautiful, enough, and needed in this world, then what’s inside of you cannot be stopped. Nothing can stop the force of your voice. No one can stop who you are. You’re going to be willing to release what you carry at any cost by any means because it’s not about you. You are made for something greater than yourself. If I’m made for something greater, I’m going to call other people into greatness and to do that we’ve got to break the silence.

If I’m made for something greater, I’m going to call other people into greatness and to do that we’ve got to break the silence.

I don’t think as a whole that we are silent, even politically, spiritually, or emotionally. However, I am very aware that there is more that needs to be done. When I say silence, I don’t mean women are silent. I mean injustice that happens to women (abuse, feeling of unworthiness, suicidal thoughts, situations that cause us to believe that we’re not enough, or that we need to be something else, we need to compare ourselves, that we’re not beautiful…etc). My heart is for those women – raped, trafficked in sex slavery, controlled and abused in relationships.

From little girls and women who believe the lies that they have to strive for perfectionism to women who deal with chronic depression. If they don’t know the truth about themselves and continue to be isolated in their brokenness, they are living in the silence of their injustice.

We can’t break the silence until both men and women speak up. Men are an integral part of this movement. We can no longer remain in the silence of breaking each other down. Learning to battle FOR each other and not with each other is important. We need to take ownership of our own actions, seek to understand each other, and to speak up together as one. It’s not just a movement of women for women. I think that’s what sets us apart. I want to reconcile both men and women and to not put them against each other. We’re all going through stuff. We’re all broken. We’ve all been silenced by something, and we all deserve to be heard.

When you know that you are of value and what you have to say is valuable, then you would actually listen to yourself. When you realize that the dreams and passion inside of you are really valuable, you would believe in yourself.

I believe when a woman doesn’t see abuse as an injustice in her life and when she takes responsibility for what happened to her it silences her voice. It silences her story. My heart is for men and women to share their stories of shared experiences and things they’ve been through to show women around the world that they’re not alone. Their voice and stories are meant to be heard. There’s healing, hope, restoration and freedom that’s found in knowing that you are heard.

If you’re walking in more freedom knowing your worth and who you are, it will manifest through your voice, story, and what you carry. My mission is to empower this reality.

I’m not trying to share stories of victimized women, that’s not my heart. My heart is to bring justice and empower women in their voices from a place of victory. I know what it’s like to overcome and I want to call them into that place instead of staying. It’s not always crying out to be heard, it’s releasing forgiveness and speaking truth into the lives of other women and believing the truth in yourself. I don’t think it’s just a movement of crying from a place of not being known or seen. It’s speaking from a place of; I’ve overcome and so will you.

The way we execute it is by utilizing social media stories and video production (sharing stories of women and their stories). We also sell apparel, which it’s more like statement apparel. I believe everyone’s life is supposed to make some statement. It’s up to you what statement you want to make in the world. For me, it’s that beauty has a voice and it’s meant to be heard.

We’re doing our first event on September 30th. It’s called Party 4 Justice. It is our Beauty Speaks launch party. Half of the proceeds are going to Not Abandoned, an anti-sex trafficking organization. They rescue girls who are sexually trafficked in Thailand. That’s one of my drives and desires for Beauty Speaks – not only to empower women in the community we’re in, but also to help raise awareness and set girls free by funding organizations that rescue women out of the sex industry. We’re like…creative activists. I really want to use creativity and business unto the freedom of women.  Party 4 Justice is going to have a live DJ, local performing artists, it’s semi-formal, food, and we might have some live art. It’s basically getting together with the community and partying in the name of Justice.

I’m blown away with how God is moving because they’re times that I want to give up. Right now, we have a small group of creatives that are working hard to curate content for Beauty Speaks in Dallas and LA. We’re hoping to publish a magazine in the future and be another statement for beauty having a voice.  Our hashtags are #beautyhasavoice and #breakthesilence.

L: What did you want to be when you were younger?

S: I wanted to be, can I say two things? I wanted to be a ballerina and a lawyer.

L: So literally something where beauty speaks.

S: Yeah

L: If you could give your teenage self a piece of advice, what would it be?

S: Stephanie, don’t be so hard on yourself. At the end of the day, what tried to break you down actually made you stronger.

L: What inspires you?

S: What inspires me? The relentless love and passionate pursuit of God after his people.

You have to be undone to discover who you really are.

L: How would you utilize 1 million dollars?

S: I would invest that into a building for Beauty Speaks. I would build a place where we can hire staff and have both men and women creative voices that are driven by the same vision that I have for Beauty Speaks. I want a place where we can create in order to set people free. I would probably want one in LA and Dallas.

L: How has your spiritual life affected your lives work?

S: Hmm..that’s a good thing. I really feel God championing me in this business and in my life. I feel like He believes in me and keeps saying, “This is good this is good.” I hear it from Him but I see it in people with random favor and miracles surrounding this business. It’s interesting because burden and fear do not drive me to do this. It’s this constant affirmation of the justice heart of God that is constantly saying, “this is good keep going.” Him championing me, his nearness, has really impacted my spiritual life.

Basically in the past year, God and I have been getting undone. He’s been undoing and debunking and deconstructing me of any judgment (human expectation, fear, religious thoughts, perspectives, anything I’ve put on myself and others put on me that weren’t true) and God was like at the very core of who you are – it’s good, it’s more than enough. I realized that you don’t need to strive to become anyone. You have to be undone to discover who you really are. When you understand that, you walk in greater freedom to do what you’re created to do.

I didn’t come to Dallas to try and become anything. I was coming here to come undone of every expectation that I’ve put on myself. From that place, I’ve been able to do Beauty Speaks.

L: What do you want to be remembered for?

S: I want to be remembered for changing the world through love. I want to implement a tangible change in a systematic way through the simple power of love.


Lindsey Adams

Lindsey Adams

Editor, Go Everywhere

Lindsey Adams is a recent graduate of Dallas Baptist University. She is a music enthusiast, advocate of the local food movement, and passionate about pursuing the Love of Christ.

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