We Are All Superheroes: Why We Made Go Everywhere

A Constant State of Connectivity

It is 2016. We live in a hyper-connected world of apps, articles, social and digital media accounts, video games, streaming television, regular television, YouTube, 24-hour news, celebrities and politicians all desperately knocking at our digital front door. In fact, the most useful app that I have is one that unsubscribes me from emails; a welcomed ally desperately trying to help me filter through the inundation of messages and advertisements slithering through my spam filter.

There is no question that the digital universe has affected the way that we live our lives.

There is so much information constantly being fed to us (hint: it’s called a news feed), but when we look to our left and to our right, what do we see? Do we see the same thing? The dimly light faces of men, women, and children being tethered to the world around them. Or are they tethered to each other; walking hand-in-hand with their neighbor. When your co-worker, neighbor, or friend receives good news – are you more likely to hear it from them or from social media? There’s no question that the digital universe has affected the way that we live our lives. We can know instantly when a natural disaster, graduation, public shooting, or birth of a newborn happens all while feeding our dogs dinner.

However, there is no denying that connecting the world has led to some remarkable developments. The Arab Spring of 2011 was largely organized through social networks; twitter and Facebook carrying the rally cries that organized protests and forced rulers form power( for better or worse). We have seen the rise in crowdfunding around artists, innovators, and causes. Crowdfunding may have been developed to support grassroots efforts, but it would be laughable to categorize the industry of crowdfunding as anything but mainstream with individual donations exceeding $30 billion in 2015; evidence of the lucrative power of connectivity to the hands of the people. Also, let’s be honest, by this time ‘going viral’ is de rigueur for anyone with a cause, message, or product to hawk. Putting a #hashtag in front of your passion has the ability to synthesize conversations and campaigns in an organized and instantly scalable fashion (try hopping in a time machine and explaining that to someone in the early 90s).

A Force To Be Reckoned With

The point is this: the internet and the connectivity that comes with it, is a force to be reckoned with. Harnessing its power is the cure that every company, cause, celebrity and government is foaming at the mouth to possess. So, that begs the question; on an individual level, how are we to behave?

When the right to come in front of our digitally-focused eyeballs is literally being sold to the highest bidder, what are we to focus our attention on?


Welcome to Go Everywhere.

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Go Everywhere

Go Everywhere is an online, digital, storytelling platform. We featured videos, interviews, writings, art, and photography of the local community, organizations, and ministries.

Step 1: To Be Known

We believe that your voice matters. What makes you, you? What are your skills, talents, gifting and abilities, and how are you using them? Have an amazing personal story? We’d love to hear it. Our deepest desire is to be known; to have our voice heard and encouraged. At Go Everywhere, we are dedicated to highlighting the voices of your community.

Step 2: To Know

We believe that community thrives best when activated at the local level. Our proverbial megaphones are echoing louder than before. Wielded properly, our connectivity is like  super power, giving us the ability to instantly broadcast messages across the community, and as a superhero (or Jesus) would say, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” We want to inspire and be inspired by the productivity, talents and gifts of our neighbors and community.

So, I hope you’ll join us as we humbly jump into the fray in order to use this digital space to bring light to communities that deserve to have advocates who are building on a biblical exhortation to “go”. 

It is 2016.  We have access to previously unheard of technologies.  Our voices are being listened to.  Our actions are being witnessed.  Our advocacy is powerful.  With this in mind, let us reset the bar, and set our sights on one goal.

Go.  Everywhere.

Chad Hugghins

Chad Hugghins

Founder, Go Everywhere

Chad Hugghins is a father to Birk and husband to Signe. He’s also the Marketing Manager at CV North America, and an arts advocate for his local community.

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